About Sandra

Born and Bred Swazi

I was born in Manzini, Swaziland, Southern Africa, on a hot November day. I have lived in this town all my life and will probably live here till my last breath. “Born and Bred Swazi” is my favourite line, when asked where I’m from.

I have a husband, two daughters, currently two golden retrievers, four siblings and many relatives.

Wife, Mother, Runner amongst many other things

I am a wife, mother, employer, employee, runner, crossfit athlete, wanna-be photographer, wanna-be cyclist, scrapbooker, iPhone addict, love gadgets , lover of social media, love reading, love fancy dress party themes, the list is long and endless.

I am many things, but the one thing I confidently say I am is a Runner and a Fitness/Training enthusiast.

I started going to gym in my late teens and have never stopped.

But it was seeing a Comrades Marathon article that said ‘You have to attempt it once in your lifetime’ that got the running bug into me. I was never a runner, except for compulsory 100 – 200 meter races in school. With all my years of going to gym, I had never stepped up onto a treadmill. So this was going to be a hectic and new challenge.  I had to make the choice between running and aerobics.  And I don’t regret my choice!

Comrades and Crossfit are my passions

Training to run my first Comrades Marathon in 2010, was a very informative and learning experience in all respects – about the training involved, nutritional and diet changes, running terminology, running gear, different running shoes, mental preparation and most importantly, about myself and pushing beyond my limits.  Entering the stadium and seeing the finish line up ahead, I made up my mind and knew that i’d be back the following year.  After I completed my first Comrades Marathon I was hooked.  I have now run and completed 5 Comrades Marathons in succession since.  Every training year involves tweaking my training and learning from my previous experiences.

Last year I started crossfit  and have incorporated it into my gym strength training routine.  Crossfit has helped increase my physical strength and my mental toughness.   I have also started doing Insanity workouts, which as just as the name suggests – insane!   These I found very beneficial to my running and my overall mental well-being.

I am alive to running and training

I am thoroughly passionate about running and training.  I’m not a woman of many words but just mention any of these – gym, running, fitness, training, crossfit – my face will light up and I can talk your ears off. 

About this Blog

That right there is the main reason for this blog.  To share my running and training adventures, advice, experiences.  These things are starting to clog and overflow the little space left in my head. There are many people out there yearning to start some physical activity and are either continuously putting it off or daunting the ‘start’ date. Others are stuck in their training routines which have become boring and although they desire to change, fear the change to the unknown. The only way to make a change and a new start is to DO IT, commit and stay focused. I know, I’ve been there!

My idea with this blog is to keep you motivated and hopefully, I can inspire some people along the way to start getting active and fit, continue or step up their training, with my stories, gripes, vents and whatever else you will encounter along the way.

Ok, let’s do this

I’m really new at this blogging thing, so bear with me as I find my voice. I am sure that this blog will grow and evolve with time but I will always be sharing my thoughts and experiences which will also involve my running and training partners.

I will appreciate all valid comments and constructive criticism. Hope you enjoy it.

Here goes……………………… 😉